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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am afraid of disclosing my issues. Is it safe here?

Yes, it is safe here! The confidentiality between counselee and counsellor is highly maintained. Trust is vital in counselling. We aim towards creating a space of trust and safety for our clients. This is a place where you can relax, be heard, and process your thoughts.

2. Do we really need counseling or therapy?

Yes! Counseling is the most effective way to deal with the challenges that a person faces in life. Counseling is an excellent source of support for people experiencing work stress, anxiety, burn out, depression, or other mental health issues. “One young adult said, “We are living in the fast lane, and are always on the verge of breaking down”. 
Each individual needs support and therapy their physical and mental well being. Counseling is not a stigma any more among today’s younger generation and is needed to function well.

3. What type of Counselling services do you offer?

Miila Consulting Services offers personal counselling, face to face counselling, individual counselling, group counselling and career counselling.

4. Does Miila Consulting cater to TCKs and Cross-Cultural Individuals?

Miila consulting provides counselling to youth, Third Culture Kids and Cross-Cultural Individuals on adaptation to a new culture, entry and re-entry into new cultures and a home culture. Contact me for more details.

5. What do I do when I or a colleague are facing Burnout?

Burnout is prolonged excessive stress that can leave you overwhelmed and emotionally drained. It is important to immediately contact us for help. Burnout is a serious issue and must be dealt with skillfully.

6. Does Miila Consulting provide counselling services in Family, Relationship and Marital Issues?

Yes, Milla Consulting has twenty years of experience giving counsel to married couples, to families struggling especially when in the transition from place to place. Every marriage is a story of two cultures coming together and children creating their own identity. Milla provides counselling services for families.

7. How does Miila Consulting help in Leadership Development?

Leadership Development, its Importance refers to activities that improve the skills, abilities and confidence of leaders. This includes Integrity and Interpersonal Skills. Pramila Rajendran has done much research and counselling for individuals in leadership positions and has found that Leaders are a neglected group that carries the weight of an entire organization.

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