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Dealing with suicidal thoughts

Updated: May 25, 2021

When I was growing up suicide was rarely an issue and if there was an incident it was talked about in a hush manner and was swept under the carpet. Today suicide has become a common topic for many people from multiple walks of life.

What is suicide? Why are people drawn to it…especially young people? What is causing these suicidal thoughts? Why are people committing suicide? What is making them discouraged? Is there peer pressure? Is the pressure of education driving them to suicide? Are parents comparing their children with those who are excelling well and their kids are not? Young people are worried about jobs, salary, and performance at the workplace?

Due to COVID 19 and economic recession young people are losing jobs and creating more anxiety stress, depression and a feeling of loneliness? Whom can they talk to? They may be afraid of judgment or criticism of colleagues, parents, relatives and neighbours for being unable to cope… Where should they turn to?

Look out for a few symptoms - People who are considering suicide often display one or more of the following moods:

  1. Talking about wanting to die or to kill oneself

  2. Looking for a way to kill oneself

  3. Talking about feeling hopeless or having no purpose

  4. Humiliation/shame

  5. Talking about feeling trapped or being in unbearable pain

  6. Talking about being a burden to others

  7. Increasing the use of substance abuse

  8. Acting anxious, agitated, or reckless

  9. Sleeping too little or too much

  10. Withdrawing or feeling isolated

  11. Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge

  12. Loss of interest

  13. Displaying extreme mood swings

According to SAVE [Suicide Awareness Voices of Education] Suicide does not have one single cause. The warning signs of suicide are indicators that a person may be in acute danger and may urgently need help.

Pramila Rajendran

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