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Setting up a Care Department in an Organization

Do we need a care department in an organization? Why it is important to care for the CEO’s, team and staff?

Many organizations do not have a care department to focus on their leaders and staff. To care about a work and personal life balance through caring for members of an organization is essential. People are important and are a great asset to each and every working organization whether it is a company, NGO or educational institution.

An organization needs to see how employees and employers are coping psychologically, emotionally and physically? Do the ethics and values of the organization cover the needs and care of its own employees? Organizations need to develop a care department that includes human resource personnel and a caregiver.

A Care department should look into what is the organization's vision and statement, create organizational policy for orientation of new personnel, benefits such as vacation, sabbatical, provident fund, retirement policy, psychological assessments and performance assessments, all essential for the health of an entire organization. Does an organization believe in staff retreat and staff and leaders’ development retreats? Want to know more? Reach out to us.

Pramila Rajendran

For more information, contact Miila Consulting.

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